Optima bank

At Oprima bank, we continue our long term tradition to specialize in investments. Having serviced over 250,000 client accounts, we know and respect the needs of every individual, professional and institutional investor. For this reason, the customer remains at the center of our attention. Our goal is to continually develop our products and services in order to reflect current investment environment and changing needs of our existing and new clients. We are the most financially sound bank in Greece and one of the best capitalized banks in Europe, looking to provide security and stability in the process of financial management of your wealth. We operate based on a personalized service model taking advantage of our dual license in banking and brokerage businesses. As our client you get access to a wide array of banking and investment products through a dedicated investment advisor and our IT platform. We aim to be your trustworthy and comprehensive financial provider where you can rely on competitive and fast execution of all your transactions.